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In the world of tribute bands, the road to glory is long, winding and full of temporary traffic lights. We began life in 2017 as SICK SICK SICK but quickly realised that nobody knew we we're a QOTSA Tribute act. People even approached us at festivals, gutted to have missed us. 

Bad idea. Moving onwards and upwards we re-branded as QUEENS OF THE TONE AGE and all was well in toy town.


In a mental 2020, just when it didn't seem possible for things to get any worse, we had a couple of setbacks.

Facebook pulled down our page, as we were -  and I QUOTE 'impersonating a person or business'...

That's exactly what we're supposed to do. Anything else is absolute career suicide as a tribute band. 

Then our video was removed from YouTube after a copyright claim from Universal Music.

Dailymotion don't have the same 'policing'.

For now we stand shoulder to shoulder with everyone affected by 2020 and hope to see you in 2021. Be nice to each other. 

Troy Van Rental

Kings of the Stone Age.


Kings of the Stone Age
Kings of the Stone Age
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